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Standard Technologies Available for Ionizing Radiation Detectors

  • Medipix Pixel Detector - Close-up
  • Microstrips
  • Medipix Pixel Detector - Wafer
  • Thick Pad Detectors for TRACE - Wafer
  • Thick Pad Detectors for TRACE - Layout close-up

In the field of design and fabrication of Ionizing Radiation Detectors, we can offer several proven technologies that can be considered as standard solutions for the detector design. In addition, new productions will get the benefits of the recent upgrade of the detector-grade clean-room to handle 6" wafers.

Available Standard Technologies:

  • 6" wafers.
  • Silicon-based detectors (substrates:  high-resistivity FZ and Cz, epi).
  • Substrate thickness range: 0.2mm - 1.5mm.
  • Thinned devices (down to 50um).
  • n-in-p, n-in-n, p-in-n.
  • Single- or double-side.
  • p-spray and p-stop isolation.
  • Guard-ring termination.
  • Different gettering techniques for very low leakage.
  • Punch-through and polysilicon-resistor biasing.
  • Integrated AC coupling capacitors.