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Low-level light sensors
SiPM technology evolution Optimization of SiPM technology

The SRS activity on Silicon Photomultipliers leads to the development of new SiPM technologies, aimed the the optimization of different detector parameters, such as the Dark Count Rate, the Breakdown Voltage uniformity, the Photo Detection Efficiency, the Excess Noise Factor and the Dynamic Range.

Amplitude vs. Time-distance Scatter Plot Advanced SiPM characterization

We develop automated programs for the advanced characterization of the Silicon Photomultipliers, for extracting precisely their most important parameters, such as Gain, Primary and Correlated noise and Photo Detection Efficiency.

ToF-PET principle Timing Measurements with SiPMs coupled to Scintillators

We perform timing resolution measurments with our SiPMs coupled to scintillators, aiming at the characterization and the improvement of their performance for Time-of-Flight PET (ToF PET).

iSiPM principle - 3D Position-sensitive SiPMs

SRS is actively involved in the design of different types of position-sensitive SiPMs, which allow to build ultra-high spatial resolution PET modules with a reduced complexity of the readout electronics.

Ionizing Radiation Detectors
ALICE microstrips - Wafer Microstrip Detectors

SRS has been working for several years on microstrip detectors of different types, both single and double-sided, for scientific and industrial applications.

SDD - XDXL Silicon Drift Detectors

SRS is actively engaged in the development of Silicon Drift Detectors (SDD), a relatively recent detector built on a based on a thick, fully depleted substrate and characterized by a very low electronic noise.

Active Edge - SEM 3D and Active Edge Detectors

3D and Active Edge Detectors make use of highly anisotropic silicon etching, made possible by the Deep Reactive Ion Etching (DRIE), for implementing three-dimensional structures in fully-depleted silicon detectors.

Medipix Pixel Detector - Wafer Custom Radiation Sensors

We design, simulate and fabricate in house custom silicon detectors for different needs, ranging from scinentific research to industrial products.