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Advanced SiPM characterization

  • Amplitude vs. Time-distance Scatter Plot
  • Time-delay Histogram
  • Amplitude Histogram
  • Set-up Dark Characterization

Involved researchers

We develop custom programs and procedures for the advanced characterization of the Silicon Photomultipliers. The programs repeat automatically the analisys for different bias conditions and temperatures and they are fundamental tools for the analisys of the characteristics of the SiPMs fabricated by SRS, after the very first characterization from the IV curve. Different procedures are used for the precise calculation of the Gain, of the Primary and Correlated noise, of the Photo Detection Efficiency (PDE), under pulsed and continuous illumination, and for the precise evaluation of the temperature dependence of the SiPM parameters.

Selected Results

As an example, one of the most commonly used is the dark analisys program, which calculates the time and amplitude distribution of the SiPM noise in dark condition. From the analisys of the amplitude vs. time-delay scatter plot and of its projections on the two axes, we calculate the main characteristics of the SiPM. In particular, from the procedure we obtain, for every value of the over-voltage:

  • Gain.
  • Primary (poissonian) dark count rate.
  • Amount of correlated noise, in terms of the Excess Charge Factor.
  • Distinction between different types of correlated noise, such as Afterpulsing, Direct and Delayed Optical Crosstalk.

Below we report an example of the scatter plot obtained from the analisys of a ?? mm2 SiPM, fabricated with the ?? technology.

Example of Amplitude vs. Time-distance Scatter Plot


Piemonte, C.; Ferri, A.; Gola, A.; Picciotto, A.; Pro, T.; Serra, N.; Tarolli, A.; Zorzi, N., "Development of an automatic procedure for the characterization of silicon photomultipliers," Nuclear Science Symposium and Medical Imaging Conference (NSS/MIC), 2012 IEEE , vol., no., pp.428,432, Oct. 27 2012-Nov. 3 2012.

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