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3D and Active Edge Detectors

  • Active Edge - SEM
  • Active Edge - ALICE - Wafer
  • Active Edge - ATLAS - Wafer
  • Active Edge - ATLAS - Single Detector
  • 3D Detector Principle
  • 3D Detector Section
  • 3D Detector Section - SEM

Involved researchers

3D and Active Edge Detectors make use of highly anisotropic silicon etching, made possible by the Deep Reactive Ion Etching (DRIE), for implementing three-dimensional structures in fully-depleted silicon detectors.


In Active Edge Detectors, the edge of the dies is ecthed with DRIE during the fabrication process and doped with the proper dopant. In this way, we can remove the guard rings around the active area of the detector which are not sensitive to the radiation and, in fully-depelted, thick wafers can consume several hundreds of microns. In this way, we can reduce the dead areas of the detector and the material budget, which is important, for example, in High-Energy Physics applications.

In 3D Detectors, the anode and the cathode are formed by vertical columns, dug inside the wafer, as opposed to the planar technology which is used for the majority of radiation detectors, in which anode and catode are palced at the opposite sides of the wafer. A single 3D detector is composed of a high number anodes and cathodes, connected in parallel and formed by the vertical columns. This technology is employed with a thich detectors for reducing the effects of the radiation damage and, in particular, for reducing the reverse operating voltage of the detector after irradiation.

Selected Publications

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