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Ionizing Radiation Detectors

This field includes a variety of detector technologies which are manufactured in fully depleted high resistivity silicon. We are currently working on pixel, micro-strip, drift and 3D detectors.

Main activities

ALICE microstrips - Wafer

SRS has been working for several years on microstrip detectors of different types, both single and double-sided, for scientific and industrial applications.


SRS is actively engaged in the development of Silicon Drift Detectors (SDD), a relatively recent detector built on a based on a thick, fully depleted substrate and characterized by a very low electronic noise.

Active Edge - SEM

3D and Active Edge Detectors make use of highly anisotropic silicon etching, made possible by the Deep Reactive Ion Etching (DRIE), for implementing three-dimensional structures in fully-depleted silicon detectors.

Medipix Pixel Detector - Wafer

We design, simulate and fabricate in house custom silicon detectors for different needs, ranging from scinentific research to industrial products.


Medipix Pixel Detector - Close-up

Basing on the 20-year long experience in the field, we can offer several proven technologies that can be considered as standard solutions for the design of ionizing-radiation detectors.


Industrial Production - Wafer

As an exploitation of the developed technologies, we have signed several contracts with private companies for the production of custom radiation detectors.