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SIQURO aims at bringing the quantum world into integrated photonics by using the silicon platform and, therefore, permitting in a natural way the integration of quantum photonics with electronics. The SIQURO project is based on the collaboration of a nano-silicon photonic research group at UniTN, of a silicon manufacturing group at FBK, a quantum theoretical group at CNR-INO and a quantum optics laboratory at ETH.

The project will cover different aspects of quantum computing and quantum optics: the theory of quantum fluids of photons, experimental generation of rotating photon gasses, phenomenology of strongly correlated photon gasses in silicon waveguide towards a quantum C-Not gate, demonstration of entangled photon pairs and heralded photon generation in strained silicon waveguides, development of a new mid infrared detector based on up-converted photons, fabrication of an heterogeneous mode-locked III-V laser on silicon, engineering of a quantum random number generator based on spontaneous emission of radiation in silicon.
Sunday, 1 September, 2013 to Wednesday, 31 August, 2016
3 years
  • University of Trento: Nanoscience Laboratory and CryptoLab (Italy)
  • Fondazione Bruno Kessler: MiNalab, MTlab, SRS, and SOI (Italy)
  • CNR-INO: BEC centre (Italy)
  • ETH-Zurich: Quantum Photonics group (Switzerland)
  • Thales III-V lab (France)
  • Telsy SPA company part of Telecom Italia group (Italy) 
2.9 million euro
Research topics: