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PCB design and assembly bench

  • Soldering setup close-up
  • Rework Station
  • Micoroscpoe for precision die mounting
  • SiPM mounted on a simple package, with optical glue on top

We design, produce and characterize different printed circuit boards for the measurements on the SiPMs, such as preamplifiers, pulsers and power supplies. To this purpose the laboratory is equipped with CAD design and simulation software, soldering/rework equipment and microscopes.

For testing purpose, we also design simple packages for the detectors, we precisely glue the dies on the packages, with the aid of a microscope and a heater for curing the glue, and we do the wire-bonding, using the machines provided by MTLab. This procedure significantly speeds-up the characterization process of the different process and layout splits, tipical of a detector production.

The microscope is also used for the precision alignment placement of the scintillators on top of the SiPMs, for gamma-ray measurements, during the glue curing process.