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Gamma-ray characterization bench

  • Coincidence Timing Measurement Set-up
  • PET principle

The SRS laboratory is equipped for the caharacterization of SiPMs in the readout of the scintillation light for the detection of gamma photons, which is one of the main applications of these detectors.

To this purpose, we have a set of scintillator crystals of differnet sizes and materials. The most widely used in SiPM applications is LSO (LYSO), which has very good timing properties and is widely employed in Positron Emission Tomography. We also test the SiPM with other scintillators, which we have in house, such as LaBr3, CsI, NaI, BGO and the recently introduced GAGG.

For coincidence timing measurement, we use a 22Na radioactive source, emitting simulataneously two 511 keV photons in opposite directions, and two, identical gamma detectors, each one compsed of a scintillator, a SiPM and the preamplifier. In the lab, we also have a complete set of radioactive sources, emitting photons from 32 to 1333 keV, for the characterization of the enrergy resolution vs. energy of the SiPM coupled to the scintillator.

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