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Electro-optical Characterization Bench

  • Oscilloscope Acquisition Sample

The laboratoy is equipped with state-of-the-art instrumentation for the complete electro-optical characterization of the Silicon Photomultipliers (SiPM) produced by SRS. We perform in-house the following measurements on the devices:

  • DC characterization with semiconductor analyzers: forward and reverse current measurement for checking the functionality of the detector and for estimating the breakdown voltage, the leakage current and the value of the quenching resistor.
  • Dynamic characterization with the oscilloscope: from analisys of the waveform acquired from the SiPM in dark, we obtain a precise information about the Gain, the Dark Count Rate and the correlated noise properties (Afterpulsing and Optical Crosstalk) of the device, with respect to different bias conditions.
  • Photo-detection Efficiency measurements: we measure the photo-detection efficiency of the detector by combining different techniques, DC and pulsed, and using LED illumination.

All the measurements are performed in a controlled-temperature, dark environment and are PC controlled, for a fully automated bias-voltage and temeprature sweep.

For these measurements, the laboratory features the following instrumentation:

  • Multi-channel semiconductor analyzers.
  • High-speed, four-channel digitizing oscilloscopes (600 MHz - 2.5 GHz; up to 40 GS/s).
  • PC-controlled thermostatic chambers.
  • Different power supplies (up to 120 V).
  • Pulse generators.
  • Led pulsers.
  • Integrating sphere and optical bench.
Research topics: