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Detector Design, Fabrication and Testing

  • TCAD Simulations
  • Microfabrication
  • Device Testing

SRS has the expertise and the tools for the custom design of a wide range of silicon detectors. The detectors that we work on range from low-level light sensors, such as SiPMs, which are built on epitaxial wafers and are used for ultra low-intensity, visible light detection, to ionizing radiation detectors, which are built on thick (up to 1.5 mm), fully-depleted, silicon substrates.

Process Flow for Detector Fabrication

  • We usually start with process and device simulations using commercial TCAD softwares. Then, we develop a technology flow along with the design of the sensor. The design is carrried out with commerical software as well. Fabrication of the devices is carried out in the FBK microfabrication laboratory (part of MTlab). There is a common pool of researchers, belonging to SRS and MTLab, taking care of the process development and supervision.
  • When the wafers come out of the production labs, parametric tests are done in manual and automatic probe stations. This equipment is provided by MTLab and it is common to all research units.
  • Further functional test are carried out in the SRS laboratory equipped with precision electronic instrumentation and termostatic chambers.